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5 Tips for Never Being Late Again

No matter how well intentioned a person is, there is something about the human race that means that, however hard we try to be on time, or even early, there are always sets of circumstances that lead to us being late to important events and occasions. Whether it’s a family event, school or your job, I think it is safe to say that every single person in the world has been late at one time or another, and though you apologize profusely when you finally do arrive, it doesn’t take away from the fact that you failed to arrive on time in the first place! In order to change this and become a more reliable person, here are five handy tops for never being late again.

1. Plan Ahead

Rather seeing where the day takes you, plan ahead and mentally allot enough time for your activities to be able to arrive to your destination in good time. Add up your routine, 10 minutes for shower, 5 for breakfast, 15 for getting dressed, and then work backwards from the time you are supposed to be in school or at your job. You’ll be surprised just how easily you can master the art of punctuality!

2. Always Leave Early

If you are the type of person who tends to get distracted on even the simplest of journeys, then allow time for this distraction in your plans and leave your house 20 minutes before you think you should. With the extra time in your pocket, you will be free to wander to your hearts content and still arrive at your destination at the time your were supposed to!

3. Optimise You Chores

When you know you have to be somewhere at 3pm in the afternoon, don’t leave all of your household duties until 2pm! Make life easier for yourself by doing as much stuff in far advance as you can, this way you will not feel rushed when it is time to leave or feel like you need to stay at home for those ten extra minutes to complete your tasks. Doing things like preparing your lunch and refrigerating it so you don’t have to prepare it in the morning can save you so much time.

4. Schedule Your Time

You are an adult; after all, you should be putting some structure in your activities! Rather than the classic “five more minutes” excuse when watching TV or surfing the web, be strict with yourself and cut it out whilst giving yourself enough time to get ready and get out of the house. Be strict with yourself, perhaps you need more discipline than you think!

5. Make The Most Of Scheduling Apps

Your phone can be a real lifesaver in terms of keeping time and being on time. Set reminders to vibrate and let you know that it is time to leave the house, especially if you are the kind of person who loses track of time very easily!