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This pretty new assignment writing company is trying to get into the circle of the top-rated services that cater to students’ academic needs. However, being the best at writing and providing an efficient service isn’t a simple task. Services nowadays have to stay on top of their game and provide so much more than just their writing expertise. offer all kinds of different services to customers around the world, but whether they might the highest standards imposed by top notch universities is yet to be seen. How do they stand in terms of prices, services, and discounts? Let’s find out.


If you’re stuck with your homework and need urgent help, you can place an order or place an inquiry with their customer support to see whether they can be of assistance. They claim to have professionals in all areas and fields that can tackle essays, homework, coursework, case studies, resume writing, dissertation and thesis writing as well as marketing assignment. However, being pretty new on the market, it’s questionable whether they are actually able to maintain a high level of quality with a large number of different services they provide.


In order to finalize your payments, you don’t need a PayPal account. You can use any credit card to pay for your order. When the payment is finalized you’ll get a writer working on your assignment. They do lack insight into the details of their pricing, and although they claim to be affordable, we couldn’t find any examples of prices. You do however have the option to contact them at all times to get a free quote.

There is also an affiliate program that enables students to earn a certain percentage of the revenue, by referring other students to their services, but these have to be a large number of students in order for individuals to really feel a change for the better in their finances.

Discounts and Offers

One of the most current but limited offers includes placing your order and getting 10% off on all your first orders. Similar to pricing, we weren’t able to see whether they have any special systems that reward customers who keep coming back to use their service. This is a big disadvantage if you want to put all your academic assignments into the hands of one company, because you won’t be able to save much money, just time.

Customer Support

The majority of online writing service have established 24/7 customer support, because it’s the only way to actually gain a good reputation and trust of the clients. However, although they do offer the option for live chatting, you first have to insert the information about your assignment your phone number and e-mail before having someone actually speak to you, which technically isn’t live chat.

For students who are looking for truly cheap services, who strive to maintain the highest standards no matter how cheap their prices are, isn’t the best place to be. And this might be a disadvantage to many students. Let’s face it, college life isn’t cheap and writing service who don’t take this into consideration are losing a lot of their customers.

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