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The website is put together very poorly, which is a red flag in most people’s eyes. If the company is not willing to produce a top-quality website, then it is unlikely that they will produce a top-quality essay. The website looks like it was pieced together with Infographic tools, and it clearly hasn’t been updated in a long while. If this essay writing service is hoping to sell its services to modern students, it is going to have to spend more time and money on its website.

As for the written quality of the writers, we were less than impressed. They seem to struggle with anything higher than High School content, and they do not appear to understand how marking guides work. For example, one marking guide we gave them said that the paper needed to show the use of higher level English, so the writer included a paragraph in the essay that looked like it was written by Shakespeare, and the rest of the essay was written as if a high school student wrote it.

Assignment Help Experts Prices

On the home page, you will find a submission form. You have to enter your email address, subject, word count, deadline, and your country of residence. You also have to attach the project to the order form and click the submit button. This sends the team a message, and they send you an automated message back. Around 12-24 hours later, you will receive a message from the company with a quote or with questions about your project. Prices vary quite a bit, but their lowest are just under $13, and there is no limit on how high prices will go because it depends upon how much work you send them, how long the deadline is, and how difficult the project is.

List of Services

If you click on one of their drop-down menus at the top, you will see a sub-menu that is full of services for students. Most of them are pretty vague, but that is intentional because they would rather have students write in and ask about a project rather than scaring them off with the web copy. Here is a short list of some of the things they say they will do for students:

Assignment HelpBusiness Assignment HelpMarketing Assignment HelpCase Study Assignment HelpHuman Resource assignmentsStrategic assignment helpNursing assignment helpGlobal Assignment HelpManagement assignment helpFinance assignment helpAccounting assignment helpEconomics assignment helpMicroeconomics assignmentMBA Assignment HelpHomework Help

Discounts and Free Features

There are no discounts or free offers. The website claims that you can get a 25% discount off your orders, but there is no way of knowing how that discount works. When you make your order and get your quote, you can ask them about your 25% discount, but they tell you that they have already applied it and that your quote stands as stated.

Customer Support

The customer service department is staffed by very abrupt people. They are very eager to get you off the phone. They give very short and stern answers, and then quickly ask if you have any other questions. If you are not sure, they start saying goodbye. The email customer support is a little different because it seems to generate automated responses. For example, if you ask about the 25% discount you were promised, it will send back a whole mess of text about their service and their excellent prices, but they do not directly address the specific question you asked.

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