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The was written by a non-English native. Explore the website for a short while, and you will see all the tell-tale signs of a poor website. There are links that go nowhere, there is text hidden behind similar-coloured backgrounds, and there is a big list of services at the bottom of the page that is there for the search engines only.

Check the website and you will see a slew of spelling mistakes, oodles of grammatical errors, and plenty of punctuation mistakes. There are also a few Indian words such as “Weightage.” What has probably happened is that the spammer has spun text from another essay writing services website, which is why the English looks so odd. For example, instead of “Fast delivery” it says “Quick delivery.” Instead of “Plagiarism Free” it says, “Non-Plagiarism.” Instead of “Amendments” it says, “Re-evaluations” and “Reworks.”

If you want a good laugh, you should look at their FAQ section because it has some of the funniest English language you will read in a long time. They throw around words like “Dishonorable,” and some of the answers they give to their FAQ are absurd, such as one that says using isn’t cheating because they are offering essay models like the ones your tutor writes for you.


The prices start at $7 per page and go up to $44 per page. Most real essay writing services have students pay for 275 words per page, but only writes 250 words per page. There is no way that this company is using real degree-qualified experts to write their essays if the company is only charging $7 per page. The writer is probably getting less than $1.50 per 100 words, and that is not the price that degree-qualified writers work for.

List of Services

There is a very large and spammy list at the bottom of their home page that gives all of their assignment types. It is there to act as keywords for search engines so that people find this website when they search for essay writing services. In short, the company claims it will do basic subjects, by which it means anything you find in high school or college, and it completes management and engineering subjects.

Discounts and Free Features

The company says that you get 30% off today, but they do not give you the discount code to get 30% off. What it actually says is, “Avail 30% Off Today,” but if you follow the link it sends you to the order form and at no point are you given a discount or a discount code. The same is true if you click on their link that says, “Free Quality Assurance Report.” Do they honestly think that they can write a bunch of things on their website and link them to an order form and that is all it will take to make the viewer submit an order?

Customer Support

There is a live chat function that puts you in touch with their customer service department. They mostly only answer questions that are covered in their FAQ section. If you ask them something new such as how many writers they have on staff, they will ask you to rephrase your question. There is a chance we were talking to an automated FAQ bot because they repeat the same lines if you ask questions they do not know the answer to.