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The website is slathered in signs and signals that this company is looking to take your money. The website is very cheap. It was not created by a designer, nut more likely, it was created by an over-enthusiastic individual who has just learned how to use a content management system. That is why the website is stuffed with logos, pictures, and lashings of pointless text. The fact that this website looks so cheap and tacky should be reason enough to ignore it, but if you look at their payment page you will see just how bad things get. It is also covered in logos, most of which have a cartoon style, and all the buttons look out of place as if they are copied and pasted widgets. The website is a mess and you need to steer clear of it.


You have to sign up and then give them all your project details before they will give you a quote. On average, it takes eight hours to receive your quote if you send your request during the day. Prices vary dramatically from one project to the next. For example, a high school paper may cost you as little as $12 per page, and a dissertation page may cost you upwards of $55 per page. It really depends upon your project because the company doesn’t appear to have a price list. It seems like they genuinely do send you a customized quote for your project.

List of Services

There are lists of subjects and assignment types all over the website to the point where it is tricky to figure out what they will and will not do. The assignments they will definitely do are: marketing, finance, psychology, criminology, supply chain, nursing science, HR, mathematics, biology, English, economics, statistics, accounting, finance, IT, programming, management subjects and engineering subjects. They also offer essay-writing tutoring, dissertation guidance, exam preparation, and proofreading services.

Discounts and Free Features

This company actually offers assignment and essay templates. Most essay writing services try their best to distance themselves from essay templates and many will claim they do not use them and that essays are written from scratch, and yet here is a website that gives out essay samples with essay templates. The samples are not related to your project. They are just a bunch of samples that the company bought from a freelancer; they are not an indicator of how good or bad your essay will be. The company does have discount codes, but you have to sign up for their email newsletter in order to receive them each month.

Customer Support

There is an email address that offers fairly fast replies since you tend to get a reply the next morning after sending your message. The phone lines are rarely busy and will take you through to a woman who sounds like she is from Thailand. She gives you answers to questions about prices but isn’t much help otherwise. There is also a Skype number and a WhatsApp number, and those will often generate replies within 12-24 hours depending upon what time you send the message.

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