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Our Score: 6.3 / 10 calls itself ‘the leading online editing and proofreading company in Australia’. Does this mean that you can only submit a written paper for editing, but not order writing from scratch services?

Basically, that is the truth about this company. So, if you were looking for a writing service, this is not the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for editors, this company promises to hire the best editors and proofreaders, and charge affordable prices to make your papers good.

Whether this is true or not, you are about to find out in our review.

Expert Editor Prices

There’s not really a pricelist on the website, but you can check the cost on the free price calculator. Once you do, you will learn that this is one of the most expensive editing services on the Web. According to this calculator, editing for academic papers costs $35 for 250 words, while proofreading of the same paper would cost $28, which is an outrageous price for such services. And most importantly, this price applies to any deadline, which means that the company does not base their rates on your urgency.

These prices are steeper than the ‘writing from scratch’ option of the majority of reliable services on the Web. Knowing that you can purchase your paper for half the price of the editing, why would you choose to pay a fortune here?

List of Services

Basically, the company offers editing and proofreading services, but you’d be surprised to hear that they are not only focused on academic papers. In addition to aiding students and academics, gives the option between ‘book authors or publishers’ and ‘business or professional’.

Interestingly, even the prices for editing and proofreading for authors and businesspeople is about the same as that of academics. This makes us believe that the company did not really consider the limited students’ budgets.

Discounts and Free Features

Unfortunately, the service offers no discounts for first-time customers, regular customers, or even bulk orders. Seeing that they edit lengthy papers and content such as books, we expected at least a discount that applies to a certain amount of pages, but this is not the case.

This again suggests that ExpertEditor did not take students’ budget into consideration. With the lack of discounts and outrageously high prices for editing and proofreading, this is a company students simply cannot afford.

When it comes to writing papers, companies offer many free features, but the fact that this company is editing and proofreading service only allows for no such advantages.

Customer Support

Feedback about the company is impeccable, but there aren’t any students who commented on this company’s services. Most of the comments are from business professionals and publishers, which is not strange at all, since the prices here are too steep for a student’s budget.

The customer service is impeccable and can be reached at all times, as feedback online suggests. Basically, people comment that this company does some great editing and proofreading, but unfortunately, we would not say it is a good choice when it comes to academic papers.

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