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The service is a cheap service that claims it has over 650 writers on staff, when in reality they have less than 100, and the 100 is made up of remote workers and a writing group that works from Bangladesh. The prices that offer are low, but they are not scammer-low, which means you are either getting the work of a person who has English as a second language, or your project is going to be rushed or late. Their admins are honest enough to state in their terms and conditions that they only hit around 85% of their deadlines, but they also state that they will not give refunds for late projects, so consider yourself fairly warned.

Oz Assignments Prices

You have to submit a request to the company to get a quote back. The quote is sent to your email address. Prices start at $9.99 per page, but the price you pay depends upon how much work is involved, the deadline, and the time of year. For example, if you send a project to them during the peak season, then they will either give you an okay price, but extend your deadline, or they will work to your deadline, but they will charge you more. Prices for easy work have been known to rise to as much as $20 per page where normally they would be $9.99 per page. If you are not happy with your quote, ask for a call back and negotiate a better price.

List of Services

On the FAQ section, makes it clear that they offer essay writing help, dissertation writing help, term paper services, research paper services, thesis writing help, they complete literature reviews, MBA projects and books reports. It is a modest set of services they offer, but at least they are not lying. If you have anything more difficult than those projects, then they will refuse to complete your assignment for you.

Discounts and Free Features doesn’t offer discounts, but you can join their affiliate program by contacting them via email. You will receive an email from one of their administrators, and it gives you a bunch of ways you can convince people to use the service. If you convince people to make an order, then they give you credits that you can use towards your next purchase. You can refer people and ask them to use your referral code, or you can add links to your social media accounts with a referral code, or you can add links with your referral code to your website. If somebody makes an order because of you, then you get credits added to your affiliate account, and may use them by making an order from your affiliate account rather than making an order through the website widget on the home page.

Customer Support

There is a live chat function you can try, there is a phone number you can call, and there is an email address you can try. The phone number is the best and quickest way to get an answer to your issues. If you have a problem with your project specifically, the customer service department staff will tell you to download the app. The app gives you access to their writers. It is unclear if they are using freelancers, but they do not have people in-house because the writers will happily send you a message and tell you they are driving or in McDonalds. You can ask the writers any project-specific questions you have.

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