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review box pictureOur score: 4/10 is mainly oriented toward economics and law students, but they do offer their services to students enrolled in other institutions and programs. If you take a look at their homepage and the calculator, you’ll see a limited services list and many promises such as ‘the best Assignment Solution Island’ or ‘cheapest price guaranteed’. How valid this in reality, you can explore in this review.The first thing everyone pays attention to when they first open a website is the design. Thankfully, the site of Studentsassignmenthelp is really easy to navigate, especially since the ordering form is the first thing on the homepage. However, lacking the most important information for a customer, i.e. pricing is very frustrating, and probably the cause for many students giving up on ordering here.


As mentioned above, does not reveal their pricing on the website. For a person to access this information, they’d have to sign up and provide paper details. And not just that – the form requires a phone number which, according to customers, is called by the customer support as soon as they check the order.The reason why the pricing is hidden probably lies in its lack of affordability. Studentsassignmenthelp does not have extremely high prices, but the promises of the kind ‘cheapest price guaranteed’ instantly vanish once you get a quote. This is a relatively high-priced company, even for low academic level students.

List of Services

The list of services is enormous. Their main focus is set on law and economics students, but the variety is very surprising. This is the place where students from all levels and fields can get papers, including management, business, finances, IT, medical, science, engineering, social sciences, etc. The variety of papers is also big, and the service gives the option ‘other’ in case one cannot find their paper in the ordering form.

Discounts and Free Features

The only discount is 10% off the first order. However, this doesn’t really count if you don’t know how much your order is going to cost you. The fact that provides a discount without providing a base price is ridiculous, especially since they don’t respond to quote requests as fast as they should.

Customer Support

Don’t expect to see a live chat here – there is no 24/7 customer service available for the customers. Their agents take a while to respond to quote requests, so there is no say as to when you can access the information regarding the cost of a paper. Interestingly, the ordering form provides an option to order a paper the very same dame, but without asking for an hour as a deadline or providing any urgent deadline information.After testing this specific flaw, we discovered that they don’t take orders that are as urgent as a couple of hours. This might happen if you find them to be online at the time of your request being sent, but otherwise, you might end up receiving a quote after the deadline has passed.The poor pricing system and lack of information can push many customers away and according to feedback, it actually does. Studentsassignmenthelp is not well-accepted on the market based on their secrecy and lack of availability. As for content quality, the reputation is somewhere in the average, which is not good enough considering the quotes provided by the agents.

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