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4/10 is a site that seems to be working perfectly according to the information found there. If you take a look at the website, you’ll get the impression that over a thousand students order from this company on a monthly basis. This would mean that is one of the best companies there are and yet, this is not at all confirmed by customers who wrote about their experiences outside the website.Most of the feedback you could find online regarding Tfth is negative in some point. Some complained of bad paper quality, others of the customer support. And since this is not a widely recognized service you hear about by many students, it is worth having a look around before investing in their writers.


For a company that offers a discount, it is strange that they don’t provide the actual prices. To get a quote, one needs to fill in the details about their paper and wait for the customer service to review those. Only then can you get a quote for your order.Not just that! Tfth requires visitors to send their paper, either by using copy-paste or uploading their document, to get a quote for it. Many students claim they left the page because they felt insecure about providing this information without knowing what the company charges or whether they can offer such help.When you get a free quote, you will learn that is not as affordable as you might have believed at first. They say they add a discount to every first order, but how can you know this if you don’t know what the starting price is?

List of Services

Tfth hasn’t gone through a lot of trouble creating an informative site. As a result, all you can find on their website is a quote request form, some information about the company, and a page for contacting them. This means that they don’t have a page of services or any list for that matter. Even their order form does not provide visitors with an option for paper type. This, unfortunately, means that you’d have to submit a request first and wait for their response to see if they offer help with your type of paper.

Discounts and Free Features

Tfth obviously wanted to make their site inviting to visitors, so they added a 20%. But, since they have no pricing, they don’t really have what to add this discount to.The customer support provides the quotes and information regarding the paper and they probably use this discount to give customers a reduced quote. This means that the service has a nice offer for new customers. However, without a loyalty discount, returning customers are left to the mercy of the customer support and their choice for a quote.

Customer Support

You can reach at all times which is essential for their strange method of providing prices. Their support is very effective and fast in providing quotes, meaning that you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting to see how much this company charges for your paper.Still, without set prices and some of the key information on their site, it is no wonder that doesn’t have that many customers. Hiding the most important information such as prices and services would chase many of the visitors away.