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How to Motivate Yourself to Study Boring Subjects

Sometimes learning is a joy. You pick a course you really like. It’s a pure joy to listen to the professor explaining the concepts with the most unexpected examples. You see how you’ll use this knowledge once you graduate. When a course meets all these factors, the studying goes smoothly. However, that happens rarely. Most of the time, you struggle with the studying because the material is boring. You’re unmotivated and you don’t see why you have to learn stuff you don’t care about.

It would be easy to give up. Maybe you’re too intelligent for college. Maybe you already know the things they are trying to teach. Maybe it’s just this one course that’s giving you trouble. Whatever the case is, you still want to graduate. You’re spending a lot of money on your education and you don’t want to fail because you’re bored.

We’ll give you simple tips on how to motivate yourself to go through the most boring subjects.

Do Not Procrastinate!

Do you know what’s worse than spending an hour with a boring subject? Binge-studying a boring subject! You don’t want to get in a situation where you have to spend days with boring material just because you don’t want to fail the course.

Take small steps. Pay attention to the professor and learn something after each class. Small portions of material are easy to digest, so it won’t be that hard for you to focus. Plus, you can pay attention to the details, and there’s always something fun to find in the details.

Find the Context

Why did you take this course? It has to be relevant to your career path in one way or another. Find that context and turn it into a motivation. If you enrolled in a classic literature course and you plan to become a marketing expert, you can still translate the knowledge you gain in something practical. Think of all those marketing campaigns you can form around Mark Twain’s lifestyle and quotes.

You’ll do yourself a huge favor if you realize why you took this course and how you’ll use it. Suddenly, the boring topics will become useful.

Google It!

Let’s say you’re really bored with the history textbook. It has some nice pictures in it, but it’s mostly text, years and events you have to memorize. That’s your problem right there – trying to memorize the material. Instead of memorizing, you should be visualizing.

The Internet always gives you opportunities to spice up even the most boring topics. Search for documentaries, trivial information regarding the topic, and fun blog posts that are easy to digest. When you discover the layers of the topics, they will become more interesting.

Organize a Study Group

Study groups can be really motivating, especially in an online environment. If you get everyone together, the study group will probably turn into a distraction. If you start a Facebook group, however, everyone will stay on topic.

The group members can start discussions, share interesting materials and notes, and support each other through the studying process.

Remind Yourself: You Won’t Deal With It Forever

You found the context, you tried not to procrastinate, and you googled the topics. You’re still bored by the course? Well, there’s only one motivational strategy left: remind yourself that this is not forever. It’s just a course, and it will soon be over. If you go through it with grace, you’ll never choose similar courses.

You don’t want to fail, right? Well, that should be motivating enough. No one can give you a push from the outside. Motivation comes from the inside!