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Top Influencers in Education

Who traces the future of education? The new generations of students and teachers! That would be the right answer. However, the educational system isn’t changing in accordance with all needs of the current generations of students. This is the major force of movement, but the system isn’t flexible enough to follow the pace. We need something more – the support of influencers, who change the face of education with theories and technologies.

Are you wondering who the top influencers in education are? Here’s a list for you:

1. James G. Nondorf

James G. Nondorf is the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Advancement at The University of Chicago. In 2015, he pulled together a group of colleges, inspiring them to reinvent the student application process. This project became known as the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success.

The Coalition’s aim is to make the college application process less stressful, especially for students from low-income families. We’re yet to see serious results, but it’s safe to say that Mr. Nondorf is one of the top influencers, who are reshaping the future of education.

2. Paul LeBlanc

The President of Southern New Hampshire University is known for his active advocacy for education based on competency. You know what most students are complaining about: higher education costs a fortune. Although students from low-income families can get scholarships, the overall expenses are often unattainable.

Under the leadership of Mr. LeBlanc, the direct assessment program at Southern New Hampshire received the first Title IV financial aid entitlement.

3. Anant Agarwal

EdX is one of the most influential online learning platforms. It was founded by MIT and Harvard, with the intention to provide free education to anyone who wants to learn. Anant Agarwal is the CEO of edX, and he’s also the professor who taught the first course on the platform.

This was a course on circuits and electronics from MIT. It attracted 155,000 learners from 162 countries. That’s an extraordinary achievement, isn’t it? This was the first one of many courses that brought high-quality online learning to life.

4. Tracy Stuart

In March 2015, Sweet Briar College announced its closure. Tracy Stuart, who graduated with the class of 1993, started a campaign to save the college. The group she attracted negotiated a mediated settlement to keep the school open. They managed to raise $12 million over the course of one summer, and the judge approved their request to keep the school open.

Sweet Briar college remains one of the finest liberal arts and sciences colleges for women in the USA. Tracy Stuart efforts expand beyond the salvation of this college. She raised an important issue: we need to save all small colleges from such an outcome.

5. Bill Gates

You didn’t expect to see this name in a list of influencers in education, did you? Well, Bill Gates is definitely an educational leader. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation invests billions of dollars in the development of the educational system. Their activities impact the public education policies on a high level.

The Gates Foundation funds research focused on discovering the best ways to improve student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and online learning technology.

6. Rick Segal

Rick Segal is one of the managing partners of Rethink Education, a project that’s changing the way new generations learn. This is a consortium of investors, who are supporting companies that move educational technology forward.

There are many people who have awesome ideas regarding educational technology, but lack the needed finances to support a startup. That’s where the Rethink Education campaign comes in. The team support promising startups.

Remember those six names and give these people credit for their efforts. Thanks to them, we’re seeing real progress in the educational system.

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