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Students’ ability to write excellent academic assignments and paper can vary, depending on their academic level, skills, knowledge, and the deadline they are faced with. In a time of urgency, they can rely on online writing service that will jump in when help is needed. claims to be the most efficient and trustworthy service on the web. They consist of a team of native English writers, customer support and claim to provide a timely service. They guarantee confidentiality and a refund, however, we wanted to see whether the guarantee really holds value.


As any other writing online service, their first claim is that their expert writers know how to tackle any type of assignment, whether it’s homework, assignments or essays. This seems like a great comfort, but when there’s not much more detail about specific types of assignments they specialize in.

They also claim to provide original work that’s not plagiarized, but we couldn’t find a confirmation of whether they use plagiarism software to really ensure the authenticity of their papers. In addition, their refund policy covers certain instances when they can’t meet a deadline or don’t meet the requirements, so you get 90% of your payment back. However, in most cases there’s no money back if you’re not happy with their work, and you didn’t provide enough details for them to provide quality work.


Most of the writing services that have emerged online nowadays have a different pricing system from the earlier formed writing services that have been around for decades. As opposed to having a different price for every type of assignment on different academic levels, there’s a fixed price per page of $12.99. Not a very competitive price on the market, and there’s no budging when it comes to the price.

Discounts and Offers

If you place an order with their company, and decide to have an assignment written by their writers, you get a chance to attain a 15% discount immediately. All you have to do is enter the discount code found on their website, and you’ll immediately get even more affordable prices.

However, this is a one-time thing and there are no other opportunities to achieve discounts, as their company doesn’t have any promotions, seasonal offers or lifetime reward programs that actually provides discounts for loyal customers.

Customer Support

Basically every online writing service has established a customer support that’s available 24/7 for students who have certain doubts and questions. This services also strives to keep their customers happy by offering support all day long. But because many students have a lot of questions, you will have to wait some time to get yours answered. You can also contact them through e-mail or phone if you don’t fancy waiting for a customer representative to connect with you.

To conclude, this service seems to provide everything that other services online provide. They do lack several features that students really enjoy, such as discounts and a refund policy that covers all cases in which students are dissatisfied with the academic solutions provided by this service. Overall, we wouldn’t recommend students to rely on their service.

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