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4/10 is a mediocre writing service, but at least it is honest about its status. The website doesn’t claim that they wrote 5000 essays this year, and they do not make bold claims about how you can get an essay for as little as $9. Even the messaging system is honest and tells you when nobody is around to take your message. The reason is mediocre is because it has a small writing staff, and because the administrators have to rely on remote workers and freelancers when they cannot complete projects themselves. You cannot haggle with this company because they will simply shut you down, but we did find a way to get a better price by resubmitting the same project over and over again.


The website asks you to submit a quote request. It involves giving your email address, giving them the details of your project, and then submitting it. The next morning, you will receive a quote from the company and they will congratulate you on signing up. If you like the quote, you follow the link to make your order. Prices start at $16.94 and go up to $77.49 per page. You cannot negotiate because the email system is automated, but you can resubmit the same information for another quote and ask them to beat their own price, (that trick works sometimes if you want a lower price).

List of Services is a writing service and a proofreading service, but they only work for students: they do not proofread for professional writers. They have a small team of in-house writers, and then a series of contacts that allow them to hire freelancers and remote workers. The writing team will accept any type of academic paper, which is shocking because they clearly do not have the staff required to complete any paper. They accept any project type and then try to find a freelancer who has sufficient qualification. offers other services such as proofreading, completing online exams, article reviews, PowerPoint presentations, and writing your annotated bibliography.

Discounts and Free Features does not charge for writing your title page or your bibliography when you make your order. They only charge for pages of text (content). However, they also have an annotated bibliography service, which means if you order a paper and you want an annotated bibliography, then it is going to cost you extra. They offer free amendments, but then all essay writing services should otherwise there would be no reason to complete your essay to a good/high standard. There are no other free features or discounts, unless you are willing to keep resubmitting your project and asking for better prices.

Customer Support

There is a phone number that you can call during business hours. It puts you through to a team of two people who are able to answer most questions, but they told us they do not have the authority to give discounts. There is an email address you can try, but it is mostly automated. The live chat function is annoying, but at least its honest. Many companies pretend that their live chat is manned at all times, but lets you know if somebody is available and if you are just leaving a message.

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