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assignmenthelps reviewPerfection is of utmost importance when it comes to academic assignments. That’s why many students struggle with their assignments and try to find outside help. Certain students are too busy and can’t meet the strict deadlines that are imposed upon them, while others simply can’t catch up with their subjects and feel inadequate to complete these tasks.

Services such as want to help students get good grades and keep up with their academic tasks. But do they really do a good job? Let’s find out what they have to offer and whether that’s good enough for students.

Assignmenthelps Services

They claim to provide expert and knowledgeable services, with the help of professional writers. They offer assessment help, research work, online report writing, essay writing, term papers and summaries, power-point presentations, case study assessments, business plans and thesis writing. We tried contacting their customer support to find out whether they can handle other types of assignments, and to see what kind of subjects they are comfortable with.

The customer service representative took quite some time to answer, and the answer was pretty vague and redirected us to place an order to find out exactly whether they will be capable of handling the task. This means, you should first go through the entire process of ordering to get an exact quote, which, as you might imagine, takes some time.

Assignmenthelps Prices

As soon as you enter the website, they make a guarantee that they have the lowest prices on the market. There’s not a special tab dedicated to finding out what the exact prices are. For more details on pricing, you have to get in touch with their customer support representatives. Their terms and conditions do claim, however, that you will be extra charged for tight deadlines.


This section is often the most appealing to new customers. If you are placing an order with their service for the first time, you gain the right to claim 15% discount on your order, no matter what type of an assignment is in question. They also have special and seasonal offers. An offer that’s currently available on their website is 15% discount on urgent orders. Place an order right now and you are able to claim it. Once these special offers pass, there aren’t any other systems that reward customers who keep coming back to user their writing services.

Customer Support

Their customer support system claim to be happy to help you 24/7 – however, as soon as you want to get on live chat to speak to someone about your issues, you’re asked to update your entire info and profile, before you are able to talk to a customer service representative. This is great and efficient for existing customers but for those who are newcomers it’s a long process, especially if you’re only considering using their service.

It’s a fact that the growing number of essay writing services is quite overwhelming, which makes students confused and frustrated, as well as subjects to many frauds. Although this service seems legitimate, they don’t fall into the category of the most efficient and expert services online. We would suggest checking out other options before placing your order with any service, to see whether there any better offers on the market for you.

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