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4/10 is a pretty poor quality company. They do not see the irony of having spelling and grammar mistakes on the parts of their web copy that claim they make no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors. It is not just the website that is littered with mistakes as we spoke with their customer service department who use broken English, and the essay we received was clearly written by a person with English as his or her second language. It is up to you if you use a company like this one, but before you do, consider this bullet point selling point that we copied from their home page, “All recommendations are clearly and correctly expressed, with no ambiguities.”


When you first visit their website, you will see an offer that says your first order will only cost $9. Do not fall for it because all they mean is that the first page of your first essay will cost you $9, and the rest will be priced at their usual price of $18 per page. The prices you see on the website are not even close to the prices they charge you, especially when you consider the taxes and fees that they tag on to the end of your project. They also have the cheek to charge you for things such as plagiarism checks, and then knock off the charges for plagiarism checks at the end as if they are doing you a favour.

List of Services offers a list of subjects that they can complete. They include accounting, statistics, nursing, management, finance, law and marketing. You can make contact and ask if they will work on other projects, but you probably shouldn’t risk it considering the poor quality content they produce on a regular basis. You are better off giving this company a miss.

Discounts and Free Features

Running along the top of the home page, you will see an offer that says you can get your assignment with 30% off. If you click the link for the discount, you will see that there is no code and no indication that you will get a discount. What happens is that they send you a quote back to your email address. Two things will happen: either the quote will say that it has a 30% discount, or you will make contact and ask about your 30% discount and they will say that they added it already. Either way, you have to pay the price they say and there is no indication that you are getting a discount.

Customer Support

The odd way that words its website seems to continue over into their customer support services. Terms such as “Profound research” and “Precise references” are comparable to the things the wrote to us when we emailed them our questions. We were told that we couldn’t have our essay for $9 as advertised because the $9 was “Only for representation purposes.” We asked if their work is truly plagiarism free and asked why we cannot hand in their essays as our own if they are, and they said that they, “Reserve the right to re-use essays in commercial publications and for commercial purposes.” Considering the broken English that this company uses, we would suggest you rewrite whatever essays they send you because you have no idea where it came from or who wrote it.