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Myassignmenthelp Review

The years spent getting your college degree can be fascinating and exciting, but then there are those moments when you’re faced with clashing assignments, tight deadlines and difficult topics that literally give you a headache. This is why online writing services were created for. To handle all the challenges you’re faced with for you. is a writing service that offers you assignment solutions as soon as you place your order and make the payment. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer in terms of service, prices and discounts.

Myassignmenthelp Services

The services they provide include essay and assignment writing, homework and coursework help, assistance with dissertation and research papers, case study help, online exam help, programming and mba help. A little over the standard offering, however this raises the question of how expert their team really is.
If you decide to place an order with their company, you will have to pay first and then consult with someone to see whether they can do your assignment in time. If they’re not able to meet your deadline, you can still check out their sample guides on how to do it yourself, which is often frustrating for students who are faced with the tightest deadlines possible.

Other features that are highlighted on their website, are plagiarism free papers, 24/7 customer support service, on time delivery, 100% money back guarantee and top quality.

Myassignmenthelp Prices

As opposed to other services online who display their prices upfront, this service seems to take a different approach. We weren’t able to locate their pricing policy, other than their statement that they guarantee the best price on the market. You can see how this can be debatable. What’s affordable for one student might not be affordable for another.

However, we were able to find information about their refund policy, which covers cases like missed deadlines, bad grades or inappropriately assigned writers.


They take a completely different approach when it comes to providing discounts to customers. There are five different offers on their website, all providing specially devised discounts. For example, if your monthly order exceeds $5000 you get $500 cash back! Another offer enables you to get 10% off of your order if you book two similar assignments within 48 hours. Each offer is different, but it seems like most of them are beneficial for those clients who are consistently ordering papers and assignments. For those who are ordering every once in a while, these offers won’t be too appealing.

Customer Support

As soon as you type in their address in the browser and enter the website, a little window pops up asking you to speak to one of their experts immediately, or place an urgent order. You can skip this part if you wish, and contact their support team later on. They claim to have someone present, 24/7, but we weren’t able to find information about who you are actually speaking to, the writers or customer support staff.

In conclusion, this service seems to cater to students who are able to provide large orders regularly, in order to achieve discounts. For all other students who are looking for a more affordable service is not a good option. Luckily, the internet is full of services who are more efficient and cheap, so if you keep on searching the web, you’re probably going to find something that better suits your needs.

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