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Everything on the says ‘free help’. This is highly unlikely and it is the most ridiculous lie told by writing services who try to sell papers online. Even the customer support agents contact every visitor instantly with the message: ‘Stuck with your assignment? Get FREE assistance!’Apparently, the free refers to the help of the customer support agents. This help is essential if you want to know how much a paper costs, since the company decided not to provide this information on the website. Instead, they made statements regarding their free services, which is very confusing by itself.As soon as you open the page saying ‘How it works’, you will understand what the company is trying to say. Apparently, visitors need to fill in a form, send their order details, and wait for the agent to tell them the quote for their paper. This system is very rare in the writing industry, but thankfully, the customer service is always available.


According to one of the company’s agents, the company’s ‘standard’ price is $50 per 1000 words. For technical papers or papers that require calculations, this price cannot be applied.It is strange that the service would set one price for almost every paper and every student. After all, the pricing and complexity of the writing depends on the academic level and requirements, so such an approach is rather strange. Still, it would make for a nice quote when compared to other prices on the same market.

List of Services

Services are listed under subjects, not types of papers. Therefore, students can order any paper they need as long as the subject it is in can be found in the list. This list is big, so even though the system is once again strange, it is safe to say that has a wide range of papers to offer.

Discounts and Free Features

There are no discounts on the website or anywhere else, so it is safe to assume that this is not something the company offers. Based on the fact that they mislead visitors with mentions of free services, a discount on the website would be even more confusing.But, since they do have set pricing they don’t share unless you contact the agents, the lack of a loyalty program remains a disadvantage. Requesting a quote from the agents can be frustrating and time-consuming, but knowing that you won’t be getting any discounts ever is even more frustrating.Perhaps when you are a regular customer, you will get better quotes from the agents after placing an order. Still, there is no way to know this from looking at the website or reading customer testimonials.

Customer Support

As mentioned previously, customer support is available always at This means that students can get instant quotes if they decide to follow this strange system, which is a relief. The customer support is very friendly. In fact, they are so friendly, their writing lacks some professionalism and formality, but the fact that they are easily reached is an advantage.Even so, a company that hides its prices and promises free services they don’t actually deliver is never a good idea. Their customer support might be available at all times, but without discounts, set pricings and real information on the site, it is understandable why has such a small number of customers.

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