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review box pictureOur Score: 5.4/10 claims to have over 3000 scholars on staff, which is odd because if you give them a piece of dissertation work that is over 6000 words they will send it back saying that they cannot do it. Much of what you read on their website is fluff or search engine bait. It wouldn’t be so bad if the company was honest about its mediocre writing service, but they throw around words such as “Exclusive investment for junior scholars” and “Experience top quality industry academic experts.” It is a shame they cannot be honest and staet that they have a small team of writers who will try their best to write whatever you send them so long as it is not too difficult.

The website is a mess. The designer who created it must have been fresh out of college because the code is a mess, the layout is a mess, and the responsive-website functions are very poorly optimised. Plus, some of the text on the website is atrocious. Even a child can see that the testimonials are both fake and written by somebody who doesn’t understand English.


You have to give your details and your project parameters. Send off your details with your quote request, and they send you back a quote within 24 hours. The cost will obviously depend upon the number of pages, the difficulty of the subject, and so forth. Prices start at around $17 and go up to $33. You can keep your costs low if you give them longer deadlines to work with.

List of Services is only just short of being a spam website. The developer must have been bad at his or her job or was paid very little for his or her efforts. Figuring out what the company does is almost as difficult as trying to figure out why any company past the year 2006 would still use satisdation guarantee shields and stickers. We managed to get one of their customer support team to tell us exactly which subjects they cover; they sent us this list: Auditing, Finance, Computer, Network, Management, Accounting, Commerce, Biotechnology, Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Law, Nursing, Architecture, Humanities, Statistics.

Discounts and Free Features

You get free revisions, but all good essay writing services should offer that service otherwise there is no reason why they should do a good job of your essay. There are no other discounts to be had. If you ask, they will format your paper for you, and you can have them write your title page for you, but the title page is easy enough to write on your own.

Customer Support

You can call the number and they will give you access to a number of people who seem to have a smattering of knowledge. The email address doesn’t seem to work because when you send a message it says that the postmaster couldn’t deliver it. They also have a live chat function and a Skype function. This puts you in touch with a customer support worker who is able to answer questions about deadlines, payments and legal issues relating to your order. They are not able to authorise discounts or refunds.

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