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The website starts by asking you where you are located. The company is based in Australia, but they offer services to six countries. They offer services to students in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada and Malaysia. However, you would remember that the company is located on the Internet, so there is nothing stopping you from using the service if you are not currently living in one of the listed countries.


The prices that are listed on are very skewered to an almost unfair degree. For example, if you take a look at their website, it says that their prices are $7.35 per person, which is tiny compared to most prices, but that is not their regular price.

Firstly, the $7.35 price is how much each page costs after the starter discount of 25% has been added. In addition, the deadline is for 15 days, and the standard of your work will only scrape through with a passing grade. Secondly, the prices seem low because are offering fewer words per page than most other essay writing services. It is a common trick with less reputable people writing services. The writing company only writes 250 words per page, whereas most other essay writing services write 275 words per page.

List of Services

The company makes it clear that they specialize in assignments, which means they specialize in nothing. What they actually mean is that they will try any college or High School project that you push under their noses. Their project descriptions and categories are about as vague as they can be to encourage people to try their service without stipulating that they as a company may complete your project. In defense of, they do not turn down students very regularly because they often find freelancers to write the essays if they cannot find somebody on their writing payroll to complete the assignment or project you placed through as your order.

Discounts and Free Features

The company has its own app. It is a crude piece of content that doesn’t ask for permissions, it just takes and uses your information on its own. If you use their app to make your order, then you shouldn’t give your real name or real address. The company has a 25% off your first order discount, and you may add 5% to that discount if you make your first order through the app.

Customer Support

Possibly the worst customer support team in the history of the world are happily working for They are feckless, poorly trained, rude and outright dumb. That is all without even mentioning their viciously irritating chat function that pops up with the biggest dinging sound they could possibly muster. Don’t they realize that most student users have headphones on when they search on the net, or that most are working at computers late at night where a loud noise upsets thirty people in the dorm.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from these idiots in their customer service department. If you have a problem, then cut your losses and forget your order and the money you paid, simply abandon the site and forget the money you paid because you will get no sense from the moronic human slugs that administer their customer service department.

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