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One of the most audacious and brazen tactics they use is to show off their list of “We have appeared in…” publications when they have not appeared in those publications. Many spam companies have these sorts of lists and then show logos for Mayfair, New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and so forth. The spam companies do not actually link to the websites but Nerdify ( is so audacious that they actually do. When you get to the websites behind the links for things such as “We have appeared in Forbes,” you reach a Russian mirror website that looks like Forbes but isn’t. The gallish bold impudence of this company is almost something to admire. There is plenty more to dislike too, such as their obviously fake testimonials, or the fact we texted to try the service, and we have received at least 8 spam calls per day from companies we have never even heard of. Prices

You have to text the company or send them a message via Facebook to tell them what you want. They send you a message back saying that they are looking for a “Nerd” to complete your project. They then come back with the price that the freelancer gave, plus a commission for their service.

That is why the prices for Nerdify seem to vary from project to project. Some projects cost $17 per page, and some cost $44 per page. It all depends upon the price that the writers ask for, and on the profits that Nerdify decides it wants.

We took the next step and applied to be one of their Nerds, and they pay an average of $1.80 per 100 words, with a little bit more if it has a short deadline. At 275 words per page, your writer is paid $4.95 per page, and yet we have never had a quote for less than $14.50, so it looks like Nerdify ( are adding a high slice of profit onto their per-page prices.

List of Services

Nerdify ( claim they can write any sort of paper, but they claim that because they are farming out projects to freelancers. They go onto freelance websites, and they look for people who are willing to do the project for the measly prices they offer. Quite a few writers (using the term in its loosest sense) are so desperate that they are willing to work for crappy pay, and they are the ones who will be completing your essay. If you are burned by this company, just remember that some poor person is getting shafted just as hard.

Discounts and Free Features

There are no discounts and no free features. All you have to do is keep applying to them again and again until they lower their price a little. Though…there is a sneakier way that you may get your paper written by exploiting their freelancer system. Give them your project details, and they will post the details on freelance websites and websites such as Craig’s List. Two days after submitting your project, go to Google and type in part of your project. After a few tries, you will see the adverts they have posted online. You may also see who has contacted the Nerdify ( company, (this is especially true with some freelance websites). Contact the freelancers yourself and cut Nerdify ( out of the equation.

Customer Support

There is no customer support. What they want you to do is to text them or to use Facebook to contact them. They are not interested in your questions unless you have a project that you wish to give them. Trying to get in touch with a human who is not part of the sales processing function is like trying to pick berries in an ice waterfall.

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