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review box pictureOur Score: 4.2/10 seems to make a lot of promises that it doesn’t keep. Enter their website and click on links for things such as freebies and discounts and the links lead nowhere. Plus, they promise a number of discounts and offers that they do not give. For example, they say that if you pay a dissertation fee in advance then you do not need to pay the final instalment of your dissertation, but the dissertation fee they talk of is the same price as your final instalment, so you are making no form of saving and there is no benefit to you besides the fact they say your last instalment is free, (which it isn’t because you paid it in advance).

Another confusing discount is that you get a 20% discount on your fourth order if its word count is above that of the previous orders, but when you get to your fourth order the discount code doesn’t work, and when you complain they tell you that they have no way of tracking how many essays you have ordered. Yet another misleading discount (that is not a discount) is where they say that first-time buyers pay just half of the actual price, but what they don’t tell you is that you have to pay the other half when the essay is completed, so there is no saving to be had there either.


There is what looks like a pricing tool on the website home page, but it is actually a submission form. You enter all your details and expect to get an instant quote, but then you have to sign up and give them all the details of your project before they give you your quote. It is about as far away from being an “Instant” quote as you can get without having them email the quote to you. Prices start at $16.93 per page if you opt for a 2-week deadline. Prices go as high as just below $70 per page.

List of Services have kindly put up a list of the essays and assignments they will complete. The list is on their website, and besides a bit of filler for the search engines, they have clearly laid out what they are willing to complete on your behalf.

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Discounts and Free Features

There is a link at the top of the page that says “Freebiz.” Click on the link and nothing happens. However, the drop-down menu, which is unusable, says that you may have a free essay sample, a free plagiarism report, and they have a free reference generator. They seem like great prizes, but you don’t get anything. The free sample is a stock piece of essay that could have come from anywhere. The plagiarism report is only on the essays you order, and it is just a screenshot of a logo that says your essay is clean. Plus, the reference generator is either lost or broken because we followed their link to it and there was nothing there.

Customer Support

The live chat thing seems to pop up when it likes. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of prompt unless you click on the live chat function. There is no prompt in that we have no idea what we did on the website to make the customer support live chat pop up and make a noise. The live chat function is an automated piece of software that takes your questions and answers them with the FAQ section. If you stay on for long enough, then a real person turns up. You may call the company, but the phone lines are always busy, or we get put on hold. Emailing the company seems to work. If you email with a question, they tend to get back to you with 1-2 days.

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