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Back in the day, college students didn’t have much outside help, if they were unable to find someone to tutor them, or come up with solutions on their own in the library. Luckily, the Internet has become the birthplace of academic solutions offered at pretty much every corner of the virtual world.

Essay writing services online seem to emerge every day, so it’s hard to keep track which writing company has actually been around for a while and knows how to do business, and which ones are fake and will leave you hanging, waiting for your assignment. Stay tuned to see where stands as far as a good service is concerned.

Assignmentdoer Services

Claiming to have a worldwide presence, their service is based on hiring certified writers with degrees in respective fields that are able to work on subjects from psychology, economics, marketing, statistics, nursing, project management and many others. However, we wanted to get more insight into what types of assignments they are able to do, because all of these subjects consists of different coursework, homework and academic assignments, which can vary in difficulty.

We weren’t able to find specific information about what they can work on, except for essays and homework help. It would be much more helpful if they were to list all types of assignments they accept in order for students to save time if they are not able to accept their order.

Assignmentdoer Prices

This is, without any doubt, one of the most important factors for students. College life isn’t easy, and most students are struggling to make ends meet. claims to be the source of your happiness because their price goes as low as $12.99 per page.

In all honesty, most of the recently emerged writing service have set a fixed price of $12.99 per page, not taking into consideration the imposed deadline, academic level or type of assignment on their hands. For a competitive market that consists of online writing services striving to grab more clients yet prove their worth at the same time, this doesn’t seem like a smart move.


Once again, many new writing services tends to focus on providing benefits to individuals who are placing an order for the first time. gives newcomers a chance to achieve a 20% discount if they grab the code from the website and insert it into the corresponding field. This is a great offer, however, we couldn’t find a reward system for clients who are already using their service. This means this particular discount is a one-time-thing which won’t be happening again.

Customer Support

Similar to support solutions provided by other writing services online, they have a customer support representative available through the entire day and night. You can address the customer support representatives that are available for chat 24/7, if you have any questions before placing your order or even after, if you want to check upon how your order is coming along. Make sure to contact them ahead of time, so you don’t miss your deadline if it takes a while for them to answer.

We couldn’t actually get understanding into anything that’s specific or special about this service. In fact, we weren’t convinced that they are as amazing and successful as they claim to be. With a basic offering, an average price and a fairly slow customer service, you’re better off going somewhere else. If you’re paying for help, then the least you could ask for is high-quality.

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