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Rate this service 5/10 Considering the sheer number of essay writing companies that offer a poor service, it is fair to say that is about average. This is somewhat reflected in their prices, as they are on the slightly higher-priced side. The website is usable and easy-to-use, and the customer service department is staffed […]

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Rate this service 6/10 is a paper writing company, but it is also a paper reselling company. They say quite clearly in their small print that you have to rewrite the essays they give you and that you shouldn’t hand them in as your own. They also have a disclaimer that gets them off […]

Read review Review Review2.6 (51.43%) 7 votes 4/10 The service is a cheap service that claims it has over 650 writers on staff, when in reality they have less than 100, and the 100 is made up of remote workers and a writing group that works from Bangladesh. The prices that offer are low, but […]

Read review Review Review3 (60%) 1 vote 4/10 The website is put together very poorly, which is a red flag in most people’s eyes. If the company is not willing to produce a top-quality website, then it is unlikely that they will produce a top-quality essay. The website looks like it was pieced together with Infographic […]

Read review Review Review2.2 (44%) 5 votes 4/10 claims to have over 3000 scholars on staff, which is odd because if you give them a piece of dissertation work that is over 6000 words they will send it back saying that they cannot do it. Much of what you read on their website is fluff or […]

Read review Review Review2 (40%) 1 vote 4/10 Is a scam? No, it is not, but it is a satellite website. When a company has a single service on a single website, they launch a bunch of other websites with the same service. Prices Sadly, the website is not going to give you a quote […]

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Rate this service 4/10 The website is slathered in signs and signals that this company is looking to take your money. The website is very cheap. It was not created by a designer, nut more likely, it was created by an over-enthusiastic individual who has just learned how to use a content management system. […]

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Rate this service 2/10 seems to make a lot of promises that it doesn’t keep. Enter their website and click on links for things such as freebies and discounts and the links lead nowhere. Plus, they promise a number of discounts and offers that they do not give. For example, they say that if […]

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Rate this service 3/10 is a writing service that has a reasonably large staff of administrators. It is unclear if their writers work from home or if they work in house. They may use freelancers, but we didn’t find any evidence that they rely on freelancers to complete their projects. The company is relatively […]

Read review Review Review4.7 (93.75%) 16 votes 8/10 has a great service record, especially when it comes to deadlines. They have honed their system and administration in a way that means they never miss deadlines. This is partially due to the safeguards they have set up to guarantee your project is done one time. makes […]

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